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Boyd & Blair Cocktails 200mL


"This non-breakable flask is a perfect way to enjoy a cocktail at a picnic, or when traveling. They contain two servings.

The Blood Orange Cosmo is our latest invention: a delightful twist on a classic cosmopolitan. We started with none other than our 5-star Boyd & Blair Potato Vodka, then added blood orange for notes of citrus & raspberry. We finished our masterpiece with the crisp flavor of cranberry and a touch of lime. Shake and pour into a martini glass or enjoy it on the rocks.

Our Chai Tea Mule is a playful take on a traditional mule blends our 5-star Boyd & Blair Potato Vodka with a hand-brewed organic Chai tea and the warming flavors of real ginger and allspice. Whether poured into a Collins glass, a rocks glass, or traditional copper mug, it’s a staff favorite hands down – enjoy it just like we do: over ice!

To make this artful expression of citrus and herb, we source select-grade lavender florets exclusively from France. Then we infuse them into our house made simple syrup, combine that with our 5-star Boyd & Blair Potato Vodka, add a little lemon and voila! An elegant, slightly-sweet, aromatic cocktail crafted to elevated perfection."

-Boyd & Blair


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